The mission of VCS Dance Arts is to equip students with spiritual, artistic, academic and technical excellence in dance.

Kidservatory - K through 4th grades

After school workshops in beginning dance are available throughout the school year.

After School Sessions

Junior Conservatory - 5th through 8th grades

Kidservatory After School Programs are available to the 5th graders at the Leigh Campus. On the Skyway Campus, Junior High dance includes a beginning level course, Dance Fundamentals, and an advanced course, Dance Workshop. Students perform in two dance concerts annually, in the winter and spring. They also have the opportunity to dance for the local community at Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose.

Conservatory - 9th through 12th grades

For beginning to advanced dancers, the Dance Arts department has one of the bay area’s most extensive dance programs, including training in ballet, jazz, and hip hop. All ability levels are welcome, encouraged, and mentored to grow technically, artistically, and academically. Students are exposed to a wide variety of styles within their chosen discipline, as well as dance history, nutrition and physiology, composition, choreography, and performance training.

We offer four levels of Jazz:Jazz I, Jazz II, Jazz III, and Jazz III Honors. We offer three levels of Hip Hop:Hip Hop I, Hip Hop II, and Hip Hop III. We also offer a mixed level Ballet course for beginning to advanced dancers.

Not only will students of every ability level grow through our program as dancers, but they will also be introduced to dance from a Christian perspective and encouraged to use their talents as children of God. Students in our dance classes perform in two dance concerts: a professional faculty choreographed production in the spring and a student choreographed and technically produced showcase, Snapshots. In addition, we have a fall semi-professional student choreographed production, Emotions, in November with auditions open to the entire school that are held in September. Students interested in choreographing for Emotions can apply in September.

Please contact if you are interested in our dance minor or major in the Conservatory.