Visual Arts

The visual arts classes at Valley Christian develop the artistic gifts of the students. From the very beginning, the basic skills are taught to our young ones and the progression through junior high and high school teach professional techniques that enable students to graduate with a critical understanding of the visual arts.

Kidservatory - K through 4th grades

At the elementary level, students are introduced to art using a broad range of materials to express themselves creatively. Using fun, hands-on methods, they learn to take inspiration from the works of artists past and present, as well as from God's creation around them. Students are allowed to explore their creative potential and are challenged to broaden their artistic knowledge and skills.

After School Sessions

Junior Conservatory - 5th through 8th grades

The 5th Grade Junior Conservatory enjoy art classes as well as field trips to local art venues. At the junior high, students have a wonderful opportunity to gain confidence and begin shaping their creative voice and vision. They have access to even more artistic opportunities, such as a kiln, and they begin to explore other mediums such as clay and ceramics. Digital photography is offered to these students. They have the opportunity to showcase their pieces alongside the high school students in the annual art show that is staged off-campus. In 2011, the show was hosted in the San Jose Art Object Gallery downtown.

Conservatory - 9th through 12th grades

Individual God-given gifts are nurtured and developed in the visual arts department at the high school. Each art student is encouraged to hone their craft in order to positively impact the world for God's glory. Field trips to museums and photo excursions to excellent locations further enhance opportunities to develop skills that will give the students advantages in their future endeavors. Resources such as an indoor photo studio and industry-standard editing software allow each student to gain even more professional experience. Students are recognized at the annual art show and Affirming the Arts Day. In 2010-11, over 50 students chose to participate in the National Arts Honor Society, which gives students the chance to showcase their work in various venues and become eligible for awards and scholarships.

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